2021 NPMK Registration Information

Membership Checklist

Required Forms

Please submit the following forms by June 17, 2021.

Membership Fees

  • The 2021 Membership Fee is $400. This fee is used to pay for professional staff, summer band camp meals, competition day meals, travel costs, props, flags, uniform fees and more. It does not include any accessories (t-shirts, gloves, Dinkles, wristies, UDB app).
  • The fee is payable in one lump sum or four installments of $100 (plus accessories). Payments are due by the following dates. Please do not submit payments prior to July 1.
    • Lump sum or Installment #1 (plus accessories) – Tuesday, July 6
    • Installment #2 – Tuesday, August 3
    • Installment #3 – Tuesday, September 14
    • Installment #4 – Tuesday, October 12
  • The first installment should also include payment for necessary supplies.
    • Uniform T-Shirt ($10) – All NEW members will need a Royal Blue Uniform T-Shirt.  RETURNING members do not need to order a uniform t-shirt as long as theirs is still in good condition and fits.  Two shirts are recommended.
    • Gloves ($3) – All Woodwind and Brass members need a pair of Gloves. We will be wearing a show-specific color glove this year so ALL woodwind and brass players need new gloves. Battery Percussion, Front Ensemble and Color Guard members do not need to order gloves.
    • “Dinkles” Marching Shoes ($38) – All NEW members need Dinkles except for COLOR GUARD.  RETURNING members only need to order Dinkles if theirs are lost or damaged.
    • Wristies ($3) – Wristies are only for BATTERY and FRONT ENSEMBLE members. We will be wearing a show-specific color this year so ALL percussionists need new wristies. All woodwind, brass and color guard members do NOT need Wristies.
    • Ultimate Dot Book ($12) – All Students EXCEPT FRONT ENSEMBLE need to purchase a License for the Ultimate Dot Book App.  This is how the students learn their drill/coordinates on the field.
  • We understand that this Membership Fee may represent a financial hardship for your family, especially due to current circumstances. If this is the case in your family, please consider applying for our Knights in Need program, which helps to support families who need financial assistance for Marching Band, our Indoor Guard and Percussion programs, and more. To apply for Knights in Need, contact NPMA President Annemarie Thornton at Your application is strictly confidential.

Payment Options

    • Check made out to “NPMA” – Write student name on the memo line and place in an envelope labeled with student name and purpose of payment. Place in the Blue Box in the band room.
    • PayPal – Visit the Online Payments page to submit your payment via PayPal. Note that a 3.25% processing fee will be added to your payment amount.
    • Student Credit – Check your CHARMS account for your student credit balance. You must have enough credit in CHARMS to cover the full payment. Click on ‘Transfer Request’ to apply your credit to an upcoming payment.
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