November 9, 2022 Bulletin

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Open Positions for Next Year

While the election is months away, and all parties will continue to give the same level of dedication and attention to their positions, we have many parents of graduating seniors who will be moving on at the end of this school year. Consider speaking with them in the coming weeks (after Community Knight. On that night, just hand them tissues) to see what their job entails and how you can be involved. We have had some interest in a number of these positions, so please do not be offended if you have inquired about a position and see it below. We are just required to announce the open positions in communications to our membership. These positions vary between elected board positions, elected chairperson positions, and appointed (non-elected) chairperson positions. A very brief overview is below; please visit and look at the Bylaws for a more detailed description.
President–our President position will be open due to the current President having a child graduate last year. This position is very involved and detailed, but has lots of fulfilling rewards. The criteria and duties are outlined in our bylaws.
Vice President/Publicity–this person publicizes our events, fundraisers, and maintains our social media accounts. Please see Barb Tracanna if you’d like more details.
Vice President/Fundraising–a very important and necessary position; this person coordinates, organizes, administrates all fundraising efforts. Please see Andrea Hinderliter if interested.
Recording Secretary–this person records and files meeting minutes in the record. See Deb Neild if interested
Corresponding Secretary–this person creates the weekly bulletin, maintains the registration lists for NPMK, Jazz bands, Indoor Programs. This person also writes and sends thank you notes as necessary. This person maintains the email address so often will receive unsolicited emails that need to be handled. See Jennifer Diffley if interested.
Quartermasters–these are the people that head up crew. This is done best as a co-chair position. They build props, load trucks, unload trucks, make sure people are approved to drive the trucks, drive the trucks, load the trailer, carry water, get props onto the field, move instruments, set up the podiums for drum majors, carry cables, rope off the stands for the band, do much planning with the directors, have to be very flexible and patient. They carry lots of keys and are forever trying to hand them off to someone else. They are responsible for getting enough crew to events for NPMK and indoor programs. If interested in finding out more, please see John Hayes or Kris Neild.
Head Chaperone: This person makes sure there are enough chaperones for every game and competition. They give out things like (but not limited to): extra gloves, stadium coats, citation cords, black socks, Hot Hands, and Dinkles and keeps records of all of those items loaned or purchased at the last minute so they can communicate that information to be billed. They load the wagon to be sure we have everything needed when traveling. They make sure we have water for the kids, snacks when needed, the nurse bag is well-stocked, and communicate with the other chaperones about timelines each week. They make sure everyone who should be on the bus is on the bus. This position requires weekly meetings with other personnel to make sure things are running smoothly. If interested, speak with Deb Neild.
Assistant Treasurer: This person is responsible for collecting and maintaining accurate records of money coming in from all sources, making bank deposits, distributing cash boxes, collecting fees, attending football games to maintain cash boxes for concessions. They collect fees and communicate with student financials to make sure information is updated in CHARMS. If interested, contact Alicia Hayes.
Band Camp Meals:  In July (or earlier), this person begins coordinating Band Camp meals (two weeks in August) by getting donations of food from local restaurants, and gift cards from local grocery stores. They create signup geniuses for volunteers and donations from our pool of parents. They work with the school district staff for meals and staffing. They prep, organize and delegate to get the meals on the table at the correct time for the students’ dinner hour. This is a very important position that helps the success of Band Camp. Please see Alicia Hayes if interested.
Concessions: We have two Concessions chairs who are staying on, but they could use a third chairperson, which never came to fruition this past year. If interested, please contact
KOS Chair: Planning and executing the Knight of Sound, our home show and a large fundraiser. There are lots of committee chairs that will help you and you get the full support of the NPMA board. Talk to Deb Neild if you are interested.
Student Directory: This person creates the student directory for distribution. Must work with registration form and be sure only to publish that information that families want included.
Some of these positions require clearances. It really is best if you are interested in being involved with NPMK in any capacity for you to have your clearances on file with the school district.


Buying gift cards for holidays/events can earn significant money toward our upcoming trip. Use cards for restaurants when you eat out, earning fees for doing what you normally do throughout the week.
Physical cards get picked up at games and rehearsals…it takes about 4 days from order to pickup. Electronic cards are delivered directly to your device and can be used immediately. If you cannot wait for physical cards, please make arrangements with Alicia Hayes to pick them up at her home.
For those who haven’t set up their account yet, the enrollment code is 3L9CAFEF13638. Be sure to download the RaiseRight app so that you can purchase electronic gift cards for immediate use.
The next order date for Scrip is November 20 by 11:59 pm as the order gets placed at midnight. Check Alicia’s feet for glass slippers.
Happy Earning!
Alicia Hayes
Scrip Coordinator

Fundraising–Save these Important Dates

Ongoing Fundraisers

Wawa Hoagie Coupons
Wawa Shorti Hoagie Coupons are $4. Students receive $1 credit for each coupon. Contact Amy Walker at for more info.
Amazon Smile
Use this link when shopping Amazon Smile and the NPMA will benefit.
Shop at For every purchase you make through this link North Penn Music will receive 8%.
Freddy Hill Mini-Golf
Tickets are $6, good for any date. NPMK gets $2 from every sale, and your student gets $1 in their CHARMS account. The tickets have no expiration. Contact Andrea Hinderliter at for tickets.
Order gift cards for everyday use, special occasions or gifts. Use gift cards for home improvement projects. or the Raise Right App. There are also cards available each week that are kept in stock. Questions? Contact
Shop for gourmet cookies, desserts, pizza kits, crockpot meals, coffee and more–
Mabel’s Labels
Labels for clothing, water bottles, shoes, stadium coats, music cases, lunchboxes–all of those things that end up on the lost and found table outside the band room, dishes for food donations, upcoming holidays.
Type in “North Penn Music Aides” under organization.

View & Share Photos

If you’re looking for photos of your child, please visit our Flickr page at

We encourage you to take photos and upload them to our Flickr account to share with others. Please only upload high quality photos and not multiples of the same shot. We are running into space limitations with Flickr.

Please use the login information below.


NOTE: Should you be the one to create a new Album here is the naming convention: “YYYY-MM-DD Name of the event or competition.” Please use this format so the albums stay in order.

Video Posting Policy

A reminder to everyone that we CANNOT put videos of our shows on ANY social media. We purchase the rights to use the music in these programs and any posting of the music on social media can cause these programs to incur fines.

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