Next NPMA General Meeting

The next NPMA General Meeting will take place on Monday, April 15th at 6:30pm in Room A33.

Below are the candidates presented at the March General Meeting. These candidates will be voted on in the Election at the General Meeting on April 15th:

President: Karen Diehl
2nd Vice President of Publicity: Jen Logan
Treasurer: OPEN
Assistant Treasurer: OPEN
Corresponding Secretary: Christine Bland
Concessions: Stephen Hammond & Dave Ulrich
Quartermasters: Hope Heck
Sewing / Uniforms: Katy Joyce / Rose Durkin
Student Financials: Jen Platt

The following candidates will be presented at the April 15th meeting and voting on these candidates will happen at the June General Meeting:

1st Vice President of Fundraising: Jen Karpf
Recording Secretary: Annemarie Thornton
Quartermasters: Rob Johannesson
Concessions: Aimee Wendt, Val Stephens & Brian Heck

We desperately need 2 more people to help out in the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer Positions. Both are critical! We will need to hire a bookkeeper if we do not find anyone to take the position of Treasurer and this will cause the cost for your student to participate to go up. Below are details of these 2 positions. Please consider volunteering! I do need an email to formally list you as a candidate.

Treasurer: Tyler Bland is the current Treasurer
Assistant Treasurer: Karen Diehl is the current Asst. Treasurer

Treasurer is a Bookkeeping position. Bookkeeping experience is required. You would be responsible for balancing the accounts monthly. The Treasurer also enters expenses and income into QuickBooks. Treasurer is responsible for working with the Presidents & Vice Presidents to approve reimbursements for expenses and write checks for any contracted personnel & creating the budget. The Treasurer also works with our outside Accountant to file state and federal tax forms each year. The full description is located in the By Laws at the link below. If you have bookkeeping experience and can help us out that would be greatly appreciated as this position would cost the organization thousands of dollars if we need to hire a bookkeeper.

Assistant Treasurer is not a bookkeeping position per say. The person working in this position is required to access the Blue Box on a regular basis and disperse the items to the necessary parties. They would also be responsible for gathering any checks and depositing them. The Assistant Treasurer sets up the cash boxes needed for all events. At the end of the event the Assistant Treasurer gathers the cash boxes, counts the money and deposits it for the organization. This is a critical position that we must have filled. Please consider volunteering to help out.

We do have a couple non-elected positions that need to be filled as well. These positions are not part of the Board but they do need to be filled. See Below:

• Spiritwear Coordinator
• Wawa Hoagie Coupon Coordinator
• Champs Meal Coordinator
• Community Knight Coordinator

NPMA’s year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions:

Want more details on the positions?
Go to – click on NP Music Aides – By Laws: ByLaws

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